100 Men

Bigger than ol’ Blackbeard’s crew and least three times as strong
Wiser than ol’ Lafayette, confuse ’em twice as long
We’ll steal whatever spine ye got and yer final shreds of hope
We fill the depths with wreckage and we fill the sky with smoke!

100 men!
We take what we’re wantin’
100 men!
Death to the enemy
100 men!
All others are peasants
We’re the Pirates Charles! Kings of the sea

Louder than our cannonfire, and least four times the range
Mad as a pack of gypsies and doubly twice as strange
We kept the Armada’s flagship and the navy ran away
Ye best go find their wake ‘f you want to breathe another day

100 men!
Hell’s wind in our sails
100 men!
Two scadloads of tales
100 men!
Woe to our enemies
We’re the Pirates Charles! We are who we be

Faster’n life before yer eyes, we’ll gut ye where ye stand
If ye seek to beat us, then ye best be changin’ plans
Tales that tell our glories known in every tongue and land
Soon the ‘ntire ocean she will bow to our command

100 men!
A curse to behold us
100 men!
Fear our majesty
100 men!
We’ll skin ye for topsails
Come fuck with us! We’ll laugh as ye bleed
100 men!
A feast for the Kraken
100 men!
Float in red tide
100 men!
Sent from the reaper
We’re the Pirates Charles! We have your demise