Cat Island

Take me to Cat Island
There’ll be fisticuffs and violence
There’ll be wine, women and dancin’
And ‘nough grog to fill the lot

Take me to Cat Harbor
There’ll be drinkin' at the Barbery-
Coast and leanin' hard to starboard
Till we're tossed out with the pigs

Take me to Cat Tavern
We’ll get anchored, ripped, and hammered
We'll be fallin' over stammerin’
And we’ll be as faces is


Take me to Cat Landin
There’ll be prostitutes and brandy
We'll be naked, wet, n’ sandy
With her make up on yer clothes

Take me to the kittens den,
You’ll have no cares remembered then
You’ll find your buried pleasure men
In those Cat Island girls


The captain is a one armed dwarf
He’s throwing dice along the wharf
To earn his keep for Singapore
Best hold to your doubloons

Take me to Cat Island
Where the womens all be smiling
Thar’ll be drinkin and fine dinin’ till your pockets jingle not.

So take me to Cat Island,
Thar'll be fisticuffs, n' violence
Thar'll be wine, women, n' dancin'
and 'nough grog to fill the lot