Curse of the Gypsy

Lost in a wrong bazaar
Looking for a salty serving bar
But I wind up in a tent
Smell like incense and cheap cigars
Gypsy walking out the door

Yeah I learned a lesson that day
I learned you don’t go pissin' off no gypsys
I guess if looks could kill, I’d not be alive today
Cursed me up ‘fore she strolled away

It started creeping in
Bleeding out the boils on my skin
Like acid pumping through my chest
My eyes are black as sin
Fever chills me trembling

They tried to doctor me
Bound me up with gauze and kerosene
I payed two coin-a leech to try to drain the death of me
Quack aint got not remedy

I went to see the priest
Confessed my sins to him upon my knees
But he couldn’t get his God to cure me of my damned disease
Jesus got no prayer for me

I been all around this stinkin' Earth
Turn every stone over, she ain't there
There ain't no man, ain't no medicine,
Ain't no doctor, ain't no nothing can cure what been done to me
Just her. Herrrrrr

That gypsy’s vexing me
So close sometimes I think she's chasing me
I keep on finding island where she was just yesterday
Catch her ‘fore she slide away

She took it all away
Everything is all I had to pay
She left me down in Mozambique with nothing but my name
Till it come back yesterday...