Flat World

The world keeps turning, fires keep burning
Truth fights the lies and The world keeps learning, Sing, “Sail on, boys”
Gone the dreams and gone the dancers
Look to the sky for forgotten answers Sing, “Sail on, boys”
We saw the puppet master painted on the plaster
The ship was surely headed for disaster Sing, “Sail on, boys”
Here there be monsters what the map said
We sailed to the west and sailed off the edge
Sing, “Sail on, boys”

Partalainen got the First Mate, Tuoni got the Second
David Gale was eaten by a Selkie with a southern drawl
I shot the puppet master with a Harpoon when he beckoned
The marionettes were singing its 
Flat world after all

It’s a close tongue that keeps a safe head
We sailed through the mist to the Land of the Dead
Sing, “Sail on, boys”We made our oaths on the Odin stone
And sailed once again for our emerald home
Sing, “Sail on, boys”
But emeralds line the eyes of the dead
And dead men tell few tales
Tales are told and told again
And heard just like the ocean’s call
We'll drink deep of Scottish ale
When we tread the Road of Wales
The marionettes still singing it's a
Flat world after all

If I knew now what I thought I knew then
I'd trust the blade more than the mighty pen
Sing, “Sail on, boys”
We are our deeds as are proved in strife
When we play to the fife or dance to the knife
Singing haters gonna hate but me
I'm gonna love my life