A churning black volcano, Her Majesty resides
100 fathom crushing deep, beneath the crashing tides
Her bones are strong like polished bronze, and neck as a ceder tree
Begemmed skin of broken stone, and fingers webbed be

All teeth and talons, fins and wings, she soars the ocean floor
A blast of two-score whalefish blow, unholy mammoth roar
A queen of sea and Heaven, she hides behind the stars
And reigneth down her victims on, a hurricane of fire

Oh oh, Oh Fal-do-ri
Oh oh, Oh Fal-do-ri

Oh Ay Oh

She glides on bone and silken skin, and shimmers head to tail
Fins like spectrum tapestries, wings like windward sails
Her eyes lit up like midnight oil, and fire on her breath
Damned, the sailors course provide this harbinger of death