Raise the Whiskey High

A flag o' green be friends of me so raise your whiskey high
No work today no mind to pay we’ll drink till we be dry
We’ll drink away the Irish way four clover's luck be mine
While others foe, Ireland I know so raise the whiskey high

Well me and the Irish captains, we been drinking all our lives away
Since we were only nine on good old Ireland's heathered isles
Stealing bottles of our Lord from the local pastor's keep
And if I find my way back home on good old Ireland I shall sleep

Scourge of red beard Irishman been sucklin' on a teat of grain
While dueling with the other hand and deftly cleaved them clean
I was a boy in Shannon when my pappy left me by the bay
And men were haulin' rope a singing FIGHT THE IRISH WAY

Beard as red as window glass, skin as white as arctic snow
Them Irish navy sail me way, all cannons and all pistols stow
Now's the time for drinking, drop the sails and tend the mast
Toss a line to Irish pine and sing me song of captains past